How long does it take to create an online course?

How to create an online course outline
how long does it take to create an online course
Online course as a business idea

Creating your own online course can be a great way to share your knowledge with others and provide value. What is even more important, for many of us, is the fact that your own online course can be your small business. The global pandemic has proved that it’s possible to run a business at home. Creating your own online course can be that business that you can call your own. But how long does it take to create an online course? The short answer would be a month, give or take, but there are so many variables that this time period can be different for each individual course and the team behind it.

There are several steps involved in creating an online course, including:

  1. Define your course content and objectives.
  2. Choose a platform or software to host your course.
  3. Create your course material.
  4. Create a pricing model and set up your payment system.
  5. Promote your course.

The time that you spend on each step of the course creation process will determine how long does it take to create an online course in your particular case. Now let’s take a closer look at things to take into consideration when planning to create an online course of your own.

Content and objectives of an online course

Defining your online course content and objectives is an important step in creating a successful online course. Why not start with determining the topic of your course and the overall goal you want to achieve for your students. Once you have decided on the topic, break it down into smaller, more manageable sections by outlining the major parts you want to cover. These are learning objectives for each section, and any activities or assessments that will help reinforce the material. Finally, decide how you want to structure your course, such as by video lecture, text, audio, or other methods. You can even create an online course PDF or infographic. Once you have your content and objectives defined, you can begin creating your course material.

Choose your LMS

When choosing an online course platform (aka LMS) to create and sell your own course, there are a few key factors to consider. First, make sure that the platform meets your needs in terms of features, such as the ability to customize and create your own branding, upload multiple videos, create interactive elements, and provide powerful analytics. Additionally, consider the cost of the platform and any associated fees for hosting, as well as the ease of use for both course creators and learners. Check if the platform provides features to market your online course, this would be a great bonus. Some platforms offer to build landing pages or websites for your course, some allow you to design smart pop-ups. Finally, look at the platform’s customer support and any additional resources that can be helpful as you create and launch your course.

Create your course material

Creating material for an online course requires time and effort, but the rewards are sure worth it. This step will be the most substantial in determining how long does it take to create an online course. Having a team at hand to help you with your online course is great, but if you are motivated, you can totally manage on your own. There is always an option of creating content for your course using GPT 3 chatbot, but try not to overdo it as students will appreciate your own, personal aproach.

To create compelling course material

You should start by researching the subject matter and compiling resources, such as books, infographics, articles, online course PDFs and videos, that can be used as reference material. Once you have compiled the resources, create an outline of your course and use the resources to add depth and detail, but also audio and visual aid for your students.

As you create the material, think about how it can be broken down into smaller chunks that are easy to understand and follow. Additionally, consider using interactive elements such as quizzes and activities to engage students and test their understanding of the material.

Finally, make sure to provide clear instructions and feedback to students, so they can get the most out of the course. Great course material will serve as a motivator for your students to tell their friends about it, which will serve as a word of mouth marketing for your online course.

Pricing model for your course

Creating a pricing model for your online course is an important step in getting started. When creating your pricing model, think about the value of your course and the type of audience you are trying to reach. Consider setting different pricing tiers for different levels of content and offering discounts for group purchases. Additionally, consider offering a payment plan so that students can pay for the course in instalments. Once you have chosen a pricing model, make sure to set up a payment system that is secure and easy to use.

Promote your online course

Promoting your online course is an essential step in getting it out to your target audience. The best way to promote your course is to create and use multiple marketing channels. This includes using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach potential students. Additionally, you can use email marketing to reach a larger audience and build relationships with them. Chatbots are gaining momentum as well, especially with the introduction of AI. You can also create content such as blog posts and videos to showcase your course and attract more students. Finally, you can use SEO techniques to ensure that your course is more visible in search engine results.

Let’s reiterate

Building your own business takes time, the same goes for creating your own online course. If you manage to calculate the time it will take to cope with the objectives, materials, LMS features and marketing you’ll get an estimate on how long does it take to create an online course. Even when your course is ready, there are other things to take into account like registering for taxes or forming a legal entity and managing your finances. Just take one step at a time and you’ll get there. Sharing your knowledge and expertise is very rewarding. Your online course can bring value to your students and potentially improve their lives.





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