making your business available online is a key step to success

How to make your business digital and more customer friendly at the same time

Your online business is always available to your customer

If you are a business owner, what is your biggest priority? For many of us, earning money comes first, and there is nothing wrong with that. Although 45% of business owners define customer experience as the highest priority in their nearest plans. 

There are loads of ways to improve customer experience and get a satisfied audience. One of them is expanding the digital presence of your business.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some obvious but potentially useful ways to make your business more digital-friendly.

So, why did we start talking about customer satisfaction in the first place? 

Just take a look at these stats:

It shows the top five media of interaction with the customer. As you see, they have nothing to do with person-to-person communication. Simple conclusion — those customers who can access a business online and get served quickly and efficiently eventually become loyal. 

How does an active online presence benefit your business? Since an average adult spends around 7 hours on the web, by popping up online here and there, you will:

  • Easily available for your customers. As of 2020, a whopping 97% of users look for businesses on the internet. This way, your active online presence will elevate your brand recognition and introduce your company.
  • Promote your business 24/7. No matter where your target customer is located, they will be able to look you up whenever they need you and reach out to you.
  • Keep up with the competition. Remember, while you’re hesitating to start a TikTok channel, your competitors are already uploading their first video. I believe you are a smart marketer and follow your opponents’ steps. I know it’s time-consuming and tiring. But hey, no competition, no progress!
  • Gain customer trust. See, we live in times when you get dismissed if you can’t be found online. 83% of shoppers search for a business online before visiting a store. Personally, I do it too. Take a chance to bond with the customer before they shake hands with your business.
  • Improve the buyer journey. Some customers need help with finding, choosing, or ordering a product. And these are all different stages of the buyer’s journey. If your prospects can reach you online, you will get more chances to close more deals.

So if your business hasn’t been represented online yet, we’re about to go over some ways how to make your business digital.

The first thing on our must-have list would be. . .

Social media makes your business available online

Before you start sporadically tweeting for all those years you haven’t, let me share one huge tip: only run those social media channels that your target audience will use. Are your perfect clients in their twenties? Forget about Twitter. Choose Instagram for marketing or, even better, TikTok. Are you a serious business? Maybe Facebook or LinkedIn will be just right.

Just remember to fill your account with relevant, high-quality content. Then you will gain followers who actually flock to your page because they are genuinely interested.

Be active, consistent, and encourage your audience to interact with your content: comment, share, and tag to start the word-of-mouth machine.

The next online trace your brand wants to leave is …

Marketing automation for SMB

Marketing automation can be incredibly beneficial for small businesses in a number of ways:

Time-saving: Small business owners often wear many hats and have limited time to dedicate to marketing. Marketing automation tools can help save time by automating repetitive tasks, such as sending emails and social media posts, allowing small business owners to focus on other aspects of their business.

Improved lead generation: Marketing automation can help small businesses generate more leads by using tools like landing pages, lead magnets, and automated email campaigns to capture and nurture leads.

Better customer targeting: Marketing automation tools can help small businesses better target their ideal customers by using data and analytics to create targeted messaging and campaigns.

Personalized customer experiences: Marketing automation allows small businesses to create personalized experiences for their customers by using data to deliver relevant messaging and content.

Increased revenue: By automating marketing tasks, small businesses can scale their marketing efforts more efficiently, leading to increased revenue.

Blogging puts your business on the digital grid

This is a goldmine for attracting traffic to your website. 

Oh, you do have a website, I hope? If not yet, check out my article with the best website builders and learn how to build a website for your business without technical skills.

Coming back to blogging, why did I call it a goldmine? Because if done right, it can bring visitor after visitor to your website through only one post. This can be done using SEO. Simply work relevant keywords into your texts, optimize your images, and build links.

This is a bit of menial work, but helps a lot! If you stick to the right SEO routine, you might climb up to the first page of Google search with time.

Remember to try guest blogging, as it might help expand your outreach further.

Of course, stuffing your blogs with keywords can make your content look artificial. So always prioritize the quality of the information you post. AI-generated content is an option if you are really swamped and have no other choice.

Email marketing is your next opportunity

Email marketing is booming as never before, with 4.3 billion email users worldwide. That’s almost half of the world’s population! 

So don’t miss out on getting a business email address and leaving it on your website. Just like with SEO, there’s some behind the curtain work.

Collect a white mailing list using pop-ups on your website, regularly remove inactive addresses, and segment your list. Ensure your subject lines are catchy and emails have a clear CTA.

Another option that could help you is

Messenger marketing—your business online 24/7

Live chat takes the lead in delivering customer satisfaction compared to other communication channels. Why? It’s called conversational marketing, and a friendly conversation with your customer is what really can lead to a purchase and maybe a loyal customer in the future.

With a connected chatbot, live chat erases your working hours — it just automatically provides help 24/7 and, if needed, gathers contact data for further interactions. Moreover, you provide personalized communication through your live chat and build strong customer relationships. 

Create the FAQs section to help your users even while you’re sleeping!

You can set up chatbots on your Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp pages and expand your digital presence across multiple platforms.

Video content

No, you don’t need to start shooting YouTube videos straight away. Begin with posting more video content on other platforms. Post reels and stories, and run live streams on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Explore TikTok. Attach videos to your blog posts and messengers. 

Arm your videos with subtitles to provide all sorts of access to your content.

That’s about it.

In my future articles, I’ll try to go over tools and strategies that can help you market your business on all these platforms. We’ll talk in detail about social media marketing, conversational and email marketing, blogging and so much more.





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